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5 types of watches that should be in your collection

If you’re a lover of wristwatches – like we are here at Hatton Square – there are a few signature styles that should be found in every well-rounded watch collection.

Of course, the watch brands you invest in are just as important as the types of watches you own, but having a variety of watch styles on-hand is especially essential for when it comes to wearing the right watch to the right occasion.

Check out our guide to the 5 watch styles that every watch enthusiast should own: 


The dress watch: Known for its timeless elegance and simplicity, the dress watch is an essential timepiece for those special occasions. Whether it’s an important meeting or an upscale social event, the purpose of a dress watch is to complement a business suit or formal wear. 

When shopping for a dress watch, you’ll want it to be simplistic in design and thin enough to be worn with a dress shirt, so it can essentially slip in and out of the cuff with ease. We prefer our dress watches with a classic presentation, like those with a white or black metallic face. 


The dive watch: A favorite among men, the dive watch is a superior timepiece known for its accuracy and durability. First designed to be worn by divers hundreds of feet below water, the watch has become an iconic accessory. 

This is one of the most versatile watches around – the dive watch can be worn with a suit (think James Bond) or dressed down for a relaxing weekend out. Look for a dive watch that is water resistant up to at least 100 meters, and make sure the band is made from a corrosion-free, water resistant material like stainless steel, titanium, silicone or nylon.


The field watch: Are you someone who enjoys the great outdoors? Looking for a watch that can keep up with your rugged lifestyle? Then a field watch is just what you need. The field watch, though originally developed for the military, has now become a favorite everyday accessory. 

Field watches are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum, they’re lightweight and easy to read, and typically come equipped with canvas or leather bands.


The racing watch: If you’re looking for something a bit flashier, check out the racing watch. These timepieces come in an array of colors and styles. A race watch will have a chronograph (also known as the stopwatch function) and a tachymeter. 

The tachymeter is used to measure time and distance, to determine your speed per hour – perfect for a race car driver. 


The aviation watch: A watch designed for pilots to navigate the skies, the aviation watch isn’t known for one particular style. Aviation watches were modeled off of military field watches, but over time developed to include functions specific to pilots’ needs.

If you’ve narrowed down what type of watch you’d like to get, next you’ll want to take a look at which watch brands are the best investment and learn to properly serviceyour new or vintage timepiece.